“O Love” by Nisa Moazzam Gulzar


“O Love”- Introduction

The poem, “O Love” by Nisa Moazam Gulzar, a Pakistani-born writer, is an imaginative poetic piece. It was published in 2021 in an anthology, A True Love Lasts. The poem unfolds the magnificent glory of love. Considering love as an exhilarating feeling, the writer explains that it takes the lovers away from the world’s hustle; it allows them to fly to distant places. The lovers in this poem are shown captivated by the magic of love. It allows them to dance and sing together, ignoring the world of sins. Their love has enclosed them in a lasting bond in which their two bodies have become one.

Major Themes in “O Love” by Nisa Moazzam Gulzar

“O Love” by Nisa Moazzam Gulzar shares themes like Love and its magical impacts, powerful imaginative world, and wonders of love. Throughout the text, the writer tries to highlight the lasting impacts of love. Keeping two lovers in the centers, she explains how it provides them an escape from the real world and transports them to a land where only joyous love rules. There, they sing, dance, and enjoy the feats of an exquisite song composed by love. This new world enables them to decorate this imaginative yet exotic land with their heartfelt desires and intense emotions. Resultantly, two people coming from two different paths rejuvenate themselves by singing the glory of love.

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Analysis of Poetic and Literary Elements Used in “O Love”

To mesmerize the readers with her imposing ideas about love, the writer has skillfully inserted various literary devices in this poem. For example, using the ABAB rhyme scheme, she has created a sing-song quality in the poem. Moreover, she has used various images to make the readers visualize the world she has created for the lovers. Similarly, the insertion of symbolism, personification, and simile has heightened the impact of this beautiful poem.

In-depth Analysis of “O Love”


The poem’s opening stanza introduces us to love impressively; the speaker compares love with a bird that stretches its mighty wings to hold the lovers high. This incredible flight reminds them of the song they forgot following the false worldly standards. The use of simile in the final line extends the exceptional grandeur of the love when the speaker says that it takes her high above the sky.


Carrying the same intense affection, this stanza also accentuates the idea of magical love. The speaker says that this myth is revealed secretly and takes the listeners far from the engaging world, and transports them to a little place to exercise their will.


The new world offers the lovers a completely different view of life; there seems no obstacle in their way. Instead, they effortlessly dwell into the melodious tune of the love, with a resultant loss of senses.


Finally, once the lovers get united both physically and spiritually, love ties them in an unbreakable bond. Their breaths become one; their souls escape from their bodies and mingle to set an example for the lovers to follow.

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