What is Psychoanalytic Literary Theory?

Etymology, Meanings, and Definition of “Psychoanalytic Literary Theory” Etymology: The term “psychoanalytic” comes from the Greek word “psyche,” which means “soul,” and the word “analysis,” which means the study or examination of something. “Literary theory” refers to the study and interpretation of literature. Meaning: Psychoanalytic literary theory analyzes literature that focuses on the psychological motivations […]

Russian Formalism as a Literary Theory

Introduction Russian Formalism is an influential literary theory that pays particular attention to the form and structure of works, rather than the author’s background or other external factors. As a student of literature, it can be helpful to understand what the Formalists were talking about and how their literary criticism can help you appreciate literature […]

What are the Basics of Literature?

Definition of Literature By definition, the term literature refers to the body of written works. Traditionally, the term has been used for imaginative and unparalleled writing pieces determined by the objectives of their writers. Literature may be categorized depending on a range of categories including origin, historical background, genre, language, and types. However, its exact […]