Is your mind tired of hovering around the conventional ideas about love? Do you want to dive into the exciting sea of love, then this treat is for you. Recently released from City Limit Publishing, A True Love Lasts, is the third volume of a collection, Through Loving Words. This exciting book takes the reader into an intoxicating and magical world of love, where everything seems precious, exquisite, and magnificent.

Through Loving Words: Volume 3 A True Love Lasts

This book will take you into the realm of love, where you would see differnet interpretations of love penned by many great writers and poets.

Poets belonging to different cultures and backgrounds have shared their inspiring love experiences. Poems like “A Love that Heals” and “O, Love” explain how it greets the lovers with treasures of ecstasy. It takes them away from the hustle of the unruly world and provides them a ground where they can sing the glory of love. Through the voices of the poets, the readers perceive that loving someone is both exciting and challenging.

Undoubtedly, love brings depth and richness to our life; however, true lovers have to face the twists and turns that life throws their way. Sometimes they stand at a point where every emotion seems useless, and life becomes uncertain; they seem reluctant to sing praise for the person for whom they burnt the candle of love in their heart. Yet, at that time, their life was kindled by the priceless moments they had spent with their partners. Thus, although love is being explained using various pens in this book, yet every poet came up with the exact definition that it heals, strengthens, and offers its wonders only to those who dare to walk its way.

Being a part of this iconic book, I enjoy expressing the love experiences that allowed me to add something special to my life. My poem, “O Love,” explores a range of positive as well as mental and emotional states, from the simplest yet unique pleasures to the heartiest intrapersonal affection.

If you want to enlighten your mind with the mystical experiences of lovers, grab your copy.

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