Why Might A Commercial Use A Literary Device Such As Repetition When Advertising A Product?

Why might a commercial use a literary device such as repetition when advertising a product? Have you ever paid attention to this significant question? It may seem odd or not related to your life. However, it could influence the product you buy or decide to buy over time.

It is a general perception that writers and poets use literary devices in their works. You may not think of them when watching television or listening to the radio. However, literary devices can be used in different ways to catch your attention. Their practical usage creates an image in your mind about what the product does. Repetition can be used by marketers and authors to reinforce something that you hear, see, or read to get across a message to their audience.

This guide looks at how repetition is used and why it’s crucial in advertisements.

Repetition, an Effective Mode

Marketers use repetition to get the point across multiple times. When used wisely, repetition can draw more attention to your product because people are more likely to notice something that they have seen before. This makes it easier for your product to stick out from others on store shelves or listed online.

Repetition is also commonly used as a method of persuasion. It tends to have a positive effect on readers and audiences. Because repetition causes people to see information multiple times, it’s difficult for them not to agree with what’s being said or shown. However, repetition can make a commercial seem unoriginal and even dull if misused.

For example, one advertisement may show an action such as biting into a sandwich several times over an instrumental song; another commercial may simply list off different ways to enjoy sandwiches over an instrumental song. Which ad do you think will grab viewers’ attention more easily? Which ad would be more memorable? Also, which ad would sell sandwiches better? While both ads may show or say X amount of things about sandwiches (which could be considered repetition), only one ad is memorable and easy to pay attention to (the latter).

Influential Role of Repetition

Marketing is all about influencing customer behavior and persuading them to purchase your product over a competitor’s. Repetition is an effective way to do that because it makes your message more memorable. In addition, it has the potential to change customer perceptions and shape future behavior.

For example, suppose a customer doesn’t like one beer brand. In that case, she might not hesitate to try another because she remembers seeing several of its commercials while watching football or some other sport. You can influence purchasing decisions with repetition as well. For example, by using buy-one-get-one offers when marketing household products or stressing how great a snack food tastes by showing multiple close-ups of its contents on screen.

Repetition Makes Your Brand Memorable

Brand marketers rely on repetition to convey a message, but that’s not all. Repetition also makes your brand memorable by pushing it into your customer’s subconscious. With repetition, customers learn to associate a brand with a specific feeling, and they start to look forward to receiving products and services from brands they enjoy. When people are excited about something, they tell their friends and family members about it.

Therefore, businesses can take advantage of that excitement by integrating repetitive messages into marketing campaigns. A straightforward way to grab audience attention is by making an unforgettable catchphrase part of your advertising strategy. For example, Domino’s used “oh yeah” as part of its slogan for many years.

Repetition Speeds Up Your Message

If a commercial uses a literary device such as repetition, it’s probably trying to ensure that your brain gets its message. Repetition is one of those classic advertising tricks that serve more than one purpose. In addition to making a company’s message stand out, repetition can also help get its brand name and key phrases firmly embedded into customers’ brains.

We know that repetition works because numerous studies have shown its lasting impacts. Studies have also explained how much impact saying something repeatedly can have on us—in both positive and negative ways. Repetition is effective because it activates certain parts of our brains. Specifically, specific circuits are stimulated when we hear or read words, phrases, or ideas repeatedly.

Repetition Attracts the Larger Audience

You’ve likely seen or heard an advertisement that was so effective it seemed like it was everywhere. For example, while writing these words, we couldn’t help but notice a commercial with a catchy jingle playing on two channels at once. That’s because repetition is one of advertising’s most powerful tools.

The number of repetitions dictates how big your audience will be. The more times someone sees your message, the more people are exposed to it. Therefore, have a chance to act on it. If you’re aiming for widespread exposure, repetition is key.

Let’s Sum Up!

I hope this post might help you understand the question, Why might a commercial use a literary device such as repetition when advertising a product? As always, if you have any question, or suggestion, feel free to contact.

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