Ever wondered why a promising life demands a strong affiliation of mind and soul? For that affiliation, one needs to be spiritually motivated by a master, a guardian, or even a writer.  Every reader in the world is aware of the prolific writer Paulo Coelho, who is known mainly for employing symbolism in his writings to motivate his readers to search for a path that can fill them with real enthusiasm. From Alchemist to The Winner Stand Alone and The Zahir, Paulo tried to sing the glory of a prosperous life. Following the same purpose, he penned down another marvel of Literature, The Archer.

Paulo Coelho’s subversive brilliance shines in remarkable and unexpected ways in his new publication, The Archer. Published on the 10th of November in 2020, the book deciphers thoughtful nuggets of advice about life and how to spend it. This masterpiece unfolds the philosophy of life that helps the reader understand the importance of being enthusiastic, focused, and determined in life.

The story features Tetsuya, a master archer. He lives in a small village while hiding his talent. One day a stranger approaches him and asks him to match his skills against the legendry archer. Tetsuya accepts the challenge, and the two had a small competition that proves Tetsuya’s worth to the stranger. After the competition, the boy urges him to teach him the celebrated ways of archery. The boy’s eagerness and curiosity touches Tetsuya’s heart; he takes the boy to the village, where he explains the ways of the bow and the tenets of a purposeful life. The writer has skillfully divided the book into small illustrative sections, following the meaningful teachings of Tetsuya.

After explaining the fundamental rules, Tetsuya unfolds how he earned this glory. Also, he sheds light on the reasons for hiding his skills. The book further suggests that one must have his soul and action aligned to live a perfect life. Using archery as an analogy, the writer indicates that life constricted by disappointment and fear of rejection of failure leads a person to catastrophic disasters. Through powerful diction and pictorial imagery, he encourages the readers to take risks to embrace the fortuitous journey that life offers.

With the grace, unmatchable wisdom, simplicity, and generosity that have coined him as a promising writer, Paulo Coelho presents the principles for a beneficial life; purpose, hard work, tactfulness, willingness to accept failure, a passionate soul to make a difference in life. If you want to illuminate your mind with thoughtful teachings about life, grab your copy today.

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The Archer 

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