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Edgar Allan Poe

A great literary critic, writer, and poet, Edgar Allan Poe is best known for his unparalleled poetic pieces, short stories, and tales of mystery. He was born on the 19th of January in 1809 to David and Elizabeth Poe. Unfortunately, he lost his parents when he was just three, and went under foster care. Although his foster parents fulfilled his basic needs, yet they failed to recognize the void created in his life after the death of his biological parents. This unjust treatment of life led him to describe his feelings, ideas, and emotions in his writings. His works as an editor, a critic, and a poet left a profound impact on international literature. Let’s have a look on some of Edgar Allan Poe Quotes.

His Quotes about Death


This quote has been taken from one of his books, The Philosophy of Composition. It was published in 1846. The book elucidates the practical approach of the writers as well as their grip on writing. This specific quote highlights the death of a beautiful woman as the most discussed topic in the world of poetry.


This quote has been taken from Edgar Allan Poe’s short story titled, ”The Premature Burial. Published in 1844, the text discusses the character’s concerns about being buried alive. In this quote, he talks about vague and indefinite boundaries that separate life from death. No one knows when our life is going to transport us into another unknown world.


This quote is taken from his famous murder mystery, “The Assignation.” Published in 1834, the story encompasses various gothic elements. In this quote, the writer talks about the glorious death. To him, abandoning the world with a smile on one’s lips is the most glorious way of accepting death.

His Quotes about Love


This quote has been taken from one of his famous love poems, To one in Paradise. The poem expresses the speaker’s love for his late mistress. He artistically paints the picture of the lady who healed his tormented heart with the light of love. Her love transported him to a magical world where there was no pain or suffering.


This quote is taken from his thoughtful poem, “To My Mother.” This superb poetic piece highlights his grave personal losses and the demise of his own biological mother. In this poem, he expresses his intense feelings and gratitude for his mother and mother-in-law. He believes that the word mother is derived from an angelic word.


This quote is from his poem, “Tamerlane”, a dramatic monologue that accords a supreme value to love. He says that his feelings for his mistress are indescribable. Only the person possessing spiritual light can understand the intensity of his emotions.

His Quotes about Dreams


This quote is taken from his short story, “Eleanora.” The love story unfolds how life makes us endure unexpected challenges. The above-stated quote emphasizes the need of dreaming during the daytime. He explains those who dream during the day get aware of so many things as compared to those who dream only at night.


“The Raven” is one of the best poems of Edgar Allan Poe adored mainly for its stylized language and superstitious environment.  The poem deals with the fact how our insecurities make us feel and imagine the things that never physically existed. The uncertainties of life only lead us to dream about unusual happenings.


This quote is taken from his love poem, “To One in Paradise.” Here, he expresses that all the days of his life are like trances. However, his nights are special as they brought him a chance to dream about the people and things he has lost in life. During his sleep, he gets able to feel the beauty of his mistress. The choice of words suggests that dreams are the only escape he has in life.


To conclude, the above-stated quotes from Edgar Allan Poe’s work exhibit his expertise as a writer. This world-known writer’s oeuvre includes poetry, short stories, a book of scientific theory, a novel, and lots of essays and book reviews. His evocative short stories, mysterious and romantic poetic pieces capture the interest of readers across the globe. Many of his poems and short stories including, “Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, “The Raven” and “To One in Paradise” became a literary classic.  Moreover, he is widely celebrated as the inventor of the detective story. However, he categorized himself as America’s renowned literary critic and theoretician.

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