“The Black Man’s Burden” by H. T. Johnson

Introduction In 1899, a British novelist and poet, Rudyard Kipling, wrote a poem called “The White Man’s Burden,” in which Kipling encouraged the United States to take on the responsibilities of empire, similar to how Britain and other European nations had done so. In this poem, he addresses Theodore Roosevelt, who would later become vice-president […]

Analysis of “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos William

Summary of the Poem “The Red Wheelbarrow” Written by William Carlos William, a phenomenal American poet, and writer, “The Red Wheelbarrow” is a short, enigmatic poem. It consists of just sixteen words, divided into four lines. The poem gained immense popularity due to its brevity and use of imagery. The poem is often interpreted as […]

What is Psychoanalytic Literary Theory?

Etymology, Meanings, and Definition of “Psychoanalytic Literary Theory” Etymology: The term “psychoanalytic” comes from the Greek word “psyche,” which means “soul,” and the word “analysis,” which means the study or examination of something. “Literary theory” refers to the study and interpretation of literature. Meaning: Psychoanalytic literary theory analyzes literature that focuses on the psychological motivations […]