“Spelling Father” by Marshall Soulful Jones

“Spelling father” by Marshall Soulful Jones is an inserting and meaningful poem. It highlights the struggle and sedulous care of a single parent. The poem begins with a strange dream that shows the speaker as a competing six-year-old. This genius six-year-old child brilliantly spells complex words at the National Spelling bee contest. Everything goes well […]

“Touchscreen” by Marshall Davis Jones Analysis

Summary of The Poem The poem, “Touchscreen” by Marshall Davis Jones is an absorbing poetic piece. It explains the dilemma of the modern world that has become technological, forgetting the priceless human and cultural values. The writer begins this piece by addressing smartphone users and expressing his amazement at its striking features. He explicitly admits […]

12 Famous Irish Poets: A Complete Guide

Irish soil is rich with literary and revolutionary brains, these 12 famous Irish poets are the mouthpiece of this fact. Ireland encompasses a grand storytelling tradition from ages. It has produced various prolific playwrights, poets, authors’ songwriters, and journalists. Among these countless acclaimed writers, twelve forever green writers are selected to explore in this guide. […]

Walt Whitman’s poem “Oh Captain My Captain” was written about which president?

Walt Whitman, an America’s world poet, mesmerized us with his remarkable writings. He showed his love for America in most of his poems. But do you know Walt Whitman’s poem “Oh Captain, My Captain” was written about which president? If not, then just don’t worry. This article will provide a suitable answer to your question. […]