Ever thought about the miserable plight of the people dangling helplessly into the dark pit of depression and hopelessness? To understand their horrific situation, one needs to dig into the reason for their pathetic condition. If we observe closely, we tend to know that life never remains the same; unlike a roller coaster, it makes people taste the bitterness of challenging tracks. Many people act rationally during this trying time; however, some fail to find the normal life path and remain locked in the catastrophic time.

Following the same phenomenon, Rutendo Tavengerwei, a brilliant Zimbabwean writer, came up with this debut novel, Hope is Our Only Wing. The story features a young girl named Shamiso whose journalist father died, leaving the family amid tension and chaos. The tragic and inexplicable death of her father forces the family to leave England. Thus, she, along with her mother, resettled in her family home in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, she hardly remembers her hometown because her parents migrated to England when she was just five.

Review of the Book “Hope is Our Only Wing”

Unfortunately, her father’s mysterious death had profoundly impacted her mind and soul, that she felt incapable of socializing. Even at her new boarding school, she remained self-centered until one day she met another girl, Tanyaradzwa, who was also hit hard by life. At first, Shamiso rebuffs her friendship offer, but later they share an unbreakable friendship bond. Also, because of Tanyaradzwa’s loyalty and struggle, Shamiso traces her way back to normal life.

Inspired by actual incidents in Zimbabwe in 2008, the author has skillfully exposed the corruption, resilience, political tensions, and economic downfall of a once-prosperous country. Writing from the teenager’s perspective, the writer makes her readers visualize the value of struggle and sacrifice. Moreover, with their formidable intelligence, the central characters take the readers into a world where they dig the true meaning of being hopeful in the face of adversity.

As a reader, I really enjoyed reading this relatable and factual piece of literature. It not only took me back in time when the flourishing country stood on the verge of destruction and demoralization. Also, the writer has brilliantly explained how hope restores the lost spirits. If you want to explore how Tanyaradzwa helps Shamiso get out of darkness, get some time to read this inspiring and heart-touching story. It will surely bring delight to your heart, and perhaps will also direct you to the real meaning of being hopeful.

If you want to treat yourself with ths mesmerizing read, drab your copy from the link below.

Hope is our Only Wing 

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